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Landscaping & Paving Services

pavingAndrew Christopher Builders offer a variety of hard landscaping services including:

  • Groundworks.
  • Block Paving.
  • Patios.
  • Brick Walls.
  • Stone Walls.
  • Paths & Paving.

Andrew Christopher Builders provide a comprehensive range of services derived from years of combined experience in all aspects of the construction industry. Andrew Christopher Builders offer a level of professionalism which is rarely found today in the private residential and smaller commercial construction sector.

Paths & Paving

You have probably asked yourself  “what advantages will brick paving give me over concrete or Tarmac?”

When you consider the cost of maintenance and replacement of other types of pavement over the long term, brick paving is more economical.

  • Aesthetics – There is nothing that will add such a visual impact to any area of your home or business as brick pavers or walls. They can compliment the color and texture of a building, and add to the value of any property.
  • Durability – The high density and psi of the products, added to a low absorption rate means both pavers and retaining wall products resist salt scaling, common on most concretes, and provide the characteristics needed to sustain heavy loading.
  • Freeze/Thaw resistance – The joints between the pavers or wall units flex, eliminating cracking damage caused by frost.
  • Access – Pavers can be removed and re-installed very easily to allow for such things as below ground utility access.
  • Skid-resistant – The textured surface of pavers offers excellent traction for pedestrian and automotive traffic areas as well as pool applications.
  • Maintenance – When installation is carried out correctly, maintenance should be minimal and very easy. ‘Sealing’ enhances the original color of pavers and reduces oil and dirt penetration. ‘Cleaning’ can remove oil spots, ground-in dirt, rust, paint, tar, bitumen, rubber or gum which accumulate over time, without damaging the brick.